Rushmore CasinoWelcome to Rushmore Casino
Rushmore Casino theme has a classic web design as well as a very valuable information about their various casino games. The Rushmore Casino site also has an amazing sign up bonus amounting into $888, a free sign-bonus for their new players. Good to be true, but doesn't really sound good as it does. Rushmore Casino has different strong points that you could American players could benefit into. For US, UK, and Canadian players, Rushmore Casino has a 27hours, 7 days a week continuos free phone support.

Rushmore Casino, has a very valuable and reliable experienced team. Since Real Time Gaming is the one who made the site, it is the best among different table games that we know. Here at Rushmore Casino, you could experience a much more friendly and helpful customer support and service for among all their players. Their terms and conditions, for the sign up bonus are very high and tough though, compared to other online casino site that also offers a special sign up bonus.

And this adds to the things that they need to improve. One of the few things that Rushmore Casino has to improved yet is their slow respond to e-mails, which then replies only after an hour or two, although phone support is reliably fast. For high dealers, this is really the case, --- only up to $2000 cash-out limit per week. This makes Rushmore Casino less attractive to other high stake players. And when it comes to slots, some of their slots are almost the same. But with changing and improving in their services and support,

Rushmore Casino is still considered as one of the most preferred, played, and visited online casino sites that people join into. This is because of the Rushmore Casino indulges in their customers wants and needs for more entertainment and real gambling and playing experience. You won't expect any problems at all at Rushmore Casino since they are strict when it comes to their payment procedures. And for the most part, Rushmore Casino main attraction is their table games. So when you are interested in different table games, then Rushmore Casino best suits for you.